Come with me on the path of great adventures.

Inspired by nature and peace I try to connect to people and transfer the wisdom I have gathered to them. That has become the reason of my efforts. My travels have shown me culture belonging, peace within the community, and relationship between people of different religions and ethnic groups.

As well as social relationship I have gathered the wisdom of Nature's beauty, which has enlightened my soul an broaden my horizons. And now the time has come for me to step forward and spread the love with everyone who wants to be closer to nature as I do.

We all know that for the goodness of being one has to possess a clam mind, a calm soul and spirit and an open heart to collect all the love of the Universe. Through yoga and meditation we can reach a higher level of consciousness and my goal is to take you closer to that state of mind even if it is only for one article.

mountain bulgaria

My Story

Everything has a beginning, and my journey started very simple - with a flame within me. This flame has kept me going even through the toughest parts of my existence and continues to inspire my every action.

From my childhood I have brief memories of travels and places where my parents took me, but I can describe myself as a child of nature. I had the best teacher I could've got. Nature expanded my knowledge of being here on this planet and thought me to breathe, to cry, to laugh, to love and be loved back, and most of all to be one with the Universe.

Now the time has come for me to share what I have come to know with the world and I hope you are ready to hear it....

Rila mountain

This is me

My name Nevena. This is a Bulgarian name, which means Marigold in English.

I am from Bulgaria, as you can assume from my name. This is a rather small country in Eastern Europe. My mother's land is wild and untainted, full of nature beauty and almost unknown to most people.

I live here, in the capital - Sofia, and even though I have traveled a lot I always come back here.

Right now I study in the "Sofia University" and work as a freelancer.

In my free time I do yoga, meditations and mountain hikes, which I photograph and most of all I have fun, as all of us should.

Nevena Malincheva

Nature wanderer

Hey, it is really nice to meet you!

Feel free to tell me anything!

I will be here for you!

And of course here's a picture so you

know who you're dealing with with. ­čÖé